Why CDI?

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Canada Drayage - Transportation, trucking, Logistics, intermodal transport, container storage

Canada Drayage - Transportation, trucking, Logistics, intermodal transport, container storageCoast-to-coast coverage, flexible solutions…

Choose CDI for coast-to-coast coverage when outsourcing your fleet requirements. Our team offers real, effective and efficient solutions for your freight delivery. Drawing on years of experience in transportation, affiliated with industry leader, Fastfrate, and present in most large centres across Canada, we assume responsibility for your freight—start to finish.

CDI’s services are flexible and customizable; our dedicated fleet and drayage offerings can handle small to large deliveries, daily. Your fleet expense becomes a variable cost, adjustable to allow for seasonal peaks and valleys. When we commit to your freight delivery, we see it through start to finish—we assume full accountability for your results.

We care about your results—our team works hard to develop seamless freight solutions and performance measurement. We can customize any segment of our business to mirror or supplement what you need.

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